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IMEI Unlock: How It Works for the iPhone

A while ago all iPhone owners had to use popular jailbreaking utilities to unlock their devices. Those programs didn’t perform permanent untethered jailbreak and unlock that is why users had to repeat the whole process over and over again each time they updated their iOS version. Now there is another method that lets you unlock your iPhone. It is called IMEI unlock.

Would you like to find out how is iPhone IMEI unlock working? Is it more difficult or much easier compared to traditional utilities presented by well-known hackers? We have decided to create this detailed article about iPhone IMEI unlock process so that you get the right idea about it and learn how it works for your smartphone (TECHNORATI).

IMEI Number

What is IMEI unlock? People who are familiar with GSM networks know that an exclusive algorithm generates their unlock codes. This algorithm is based on the handset’s hardware ID called IMEI. It can also be based on the mobile operator information.

Each unlock code [known as NCK or Network Control Key] is specific to a particular device. It is presented in the form of 15 numbers that are signed to the locktype of the network.

Apple smartphones have their personal IMEI numbers and each number is listed in the Cupertino-based company’s data base. Each time user connects his or her iPhone to iTunes in order to unlock it; the program verifies the gadget’s IMEI number to see if it is included in the whitelist or blacklist. Only in case your smartphone is listed in the white data base, Apple will generate your IMEI unlock code and let you enjoy the connection to different networks. But if the handset appears in the blacklist, it will be locked again.
Let’s put it in other words. In case your device has been unlocked unofficially you won’t be able to connect to iTunes.

Permanent iPhone Unlock

Companies that offer iPhone IMEI unlock securely connect to Apple servers to get the database with IMEI statuses for all iOS smartphones. There is information about IMEI numbers and mobile carrier rules they must be locked to in each database. Besides, you can learn whether a particular IMEI has been already unlocked. Legit unlock companies are allowed to add changes to iPhone IMEI’s carrier lock status.
As you can see these companies use no utilities and NCK exploits in order to perform iPhone unlock. Everything is legal and helps users to get permanent unlock solution meaning the device will stay unlocked even if its owner updates to another iOS version or jailbreaks it.

We just wonder for how long can Apple accept iPhone IMEI unlock methods.

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